What Can ISO 14001 Give Your Business?

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Businesses now have a moral duty, more than ever before, to ensure that they play a part in helping the environment. It is too easy to sit back and do nothing, but businesses now have to be seen to be performing more efficiently while also doing as much as possible to reduce their impact on the environment.

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that helps businesses understand what is required for an environmental management system. As a result, businesses will enhance their environmental performance by using the right resources, reducing waste, becoming more competitive and gaining the trust of stakeholders.

So, how can ISO 14001 certification help and what can it give your business?


There is a lot of environmental legislation that businesses have to adhere to and that can prove a challenge. However, if you want to remain compliant, ISO 14001 will make it possible. There is more to it though as legislation and regulations can change but by having this certification, it will ensure that businesses adopt regulations in the future.

Employee engagement

For a business to successfully meet targets and become environmentally friendly, it needs everyone to be on board. This means management and employees have to be committed but often, they are not informed enough to understand what is expected of them. With ISO 14001 accreditation, it makes it possible for employees and management to recognise what is expected and how the business will operate in order to meet expectations.

Reduce waste

Reducing waste is a significant part of being an environmentally friendly business. There are many things that can be done to achieve this but often, businesses fail to do the right thing. Becoming ISO 14001 certified, it will mean that businesses can manage their waste and ensure that they reduce it to a point where they can save money.

Enhance your reputation

More people are aware of the impact that our actions are having on our planet and so, they are making careful decisions when it comes to what businesses they use. People want to use eco-friendly and environmentally friendly businesses so, by becoming ISO 14001 certified, you can show off the fact that you are taking steps in the right direction in order to become more sustainable. As a result, this will improve your branding and your reputation which can lead to more business.

Improve customer trust

When you make decisions based on the environment, customers are going to see that you are a considerate business. This builds trust and relationships and that can help businesses to gain an advantage over competitors. People will see that you are putting the environment before profits and that will work in your favour.

Win more contracts

Businesses want to work with other businesses that are environmentally friendly. So, if you are ISO 14001 certified, it instantly tells suppliers and customers that you are serious about making a difference to the environment. As a result, you will grow profits and have better working relationships.